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Discover, an IoT platform tailored for SMEs. Transform your business with our innovative tools that leverage machine and sensor data. Boost sustainability and ESG performance with Our platform features a No-Code Data Flow Builder, an IoT Assistant, a flexible hybrid solution, and a versatile SDK. Execute IoT projects swiftly and seamlessly, revolutionising your business operations.

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  • No-Code Approach

  • AI-Powered

  • Hybrid

  • SDK

Simplify IoT with
Our No-Code Data Flow Builder

Create and manage IoT data flows with ease. Drag and drop blocks to design data flows visually. Customise your IoT solutions to your business needs. Focus on insights and actions – we handle the complexity.

Overcome IoT Challenges
with Our AI-Powered IoT Assistant

Get help with evaluating and implementing IoT projects. Our IoT Assistant will guide you through four areas: Evaluation, Recommendation, Guidance, and Custom Knowledge Database. Benefit from AI algorithms and industry knowledge. Achieve your IoT goals confidently and efficiently.

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Manage IoT Data Flows
on Edge Devices
with Our Orchestration Function

Implement and coordinate data flows on multiple edge devices seamlessly. Our Orchestration function simplifies the deployment and management of data flows in edge computing environments. Distribute workloads, optimise resource usage, and scale your implementations as needed. Process data near its source, reduce latency, and improve performance. Manage complex data flow topologies and ensure data integrity and consistency. Adapt to changing business requirements and leverage the full potential of edge computing.

The Building Blocks
for custom Flows

+80 Blocks, endless combinations

Create your own with our SDK

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